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​How Do I Place An Order?​

If you find something that interests you, (which we are sure you will) add that item to your cart and complete the checkout process with PayPal. 

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

The only method of payment currently accepted is through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, they are very easy to set up. Please visit and it will walk you through the process. Shipping is calculated based on weight. If the boots you are interested in are less than 10lbs then a flat fee of $15 will be added to your total. If your item weighs more than 10lbs then a flat fee of $19.89 will be added to your total.

Is My Information Secure?

All ordering and payments are secured through PayPal. Paypal uses https and never shares your personal information with anyone.

Do You Accept Returns & Refunds?

We do accept returns if the item is not described properly or if we make a mistake in the listing (size or color). We do not offer refunds or returns for items that do not fit properly or for any reason that was captured in pictures or in the item description. If a return is accepted based on the above, it will be made to the purchaser in the same way that it was received. 


Is There Any Warranty On The Boots?

Almost all of the boots that we sell are used boots. Therefore there is no warranty as they have been previously used. Any boots that are sold as new, may have a manufacture factory warranty with them however we are unable to provide any warranty on the boots as we are not the manufacture of the boots. We are simply a reseller of all of the boots on our site.

Thank you for shopping with us!
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